B. Hamilton, 2018

Currently at Saigon airport, Monika, awaiting flight home. My son & I have had the most wonderful experience together. Insider Journeys have done the most wonderful job for us. We got to see and do more than we ever expected. The guide, Tam, had a very detailed knowledge of the Australian presence during the war and took us to all the places where I served. We loved Vietnam and couldn’t believe how inexpensive everything is, especially food and beer! Thank you for making all of our arrangements, we couldn’t have had a better experience.

David and Diane Smith May 2018

Dearest Monika
Thank you so very much for organising our amazing Rome to Rome Greek Island fantastic holiday!!

You are absolutely totally professional and so very special and look after us perfectly every time we go away!!

And we have been spoilt and had fantastic ones with you over the years! but this one was our first for sometime and just like a second honeymoon everything was just amazing and of course the ship was incredible.

I have spoken to a few friends and have recommended you to them to book their perfect holiday wherever

Thank you again Monika looking forward to Hawaii next year!!

With love David and Diane Smith May 2018

Christine 2017

Hi Annette The Christmas markets were great and the tour included a lot of sight-seeing and traditional food, dancing etc. Ron ended up the highlight of one night doing traditional dancing with two of the local dancers. I haven’t laughed so much for a long time as Ron had no idea of what to do or what he was doing! The long flights were excellent as was Warsaw to Doha flight.

We greatly enjoyed our time with the family in Doha. It was worth the trouble of the extra time. Overall it was a great trip and everything went smoothly.Again appreciate all your work and cannot recommend you highly enough.


Hi Annette. I posted this on Facebook today. hope you get some new clients from it. Thanking you sincerely for all your work! You would not believe how challenging this trip has been! I want to thank and recommend Alpha travel to anyone in WA looking at a travel agent that really earns their commission.

Seriously they are great. Let’s see what happens next! Our mantra: We will get there.. we will get there.. eventually! Keep smiling actually I just laugh now when Annette our travel agent calls.. the woman is a marvel! Thanks Annette and Alpha Travel. Dr. Christine king (PhD) 2017

Claudia and Joe 2018

Thank you, we had a great time on this trip and really enjoyed your extra input as well. And I definitely feel I would like to go to Japan again. Now life is quickly back to the normal busy times with work, grandparent duties and cleaning J. I also impressed my neighbour by raking circles around the big tree on the verge. We are in the process of sorting out our 1000 plus photos. Thank you for sorting out the shared website. Looking forward to catch up.

Peter and Barbara Browne 2018

We wanted to contact you as Manager of Alpha Travel about Sam Clark.
She has been amazing in her persistence to get a refund from Qantas due to travel delays with our trip to the USA in Sept 2107 (booked through Alpha Travel).

Sam offered to take over from us because we were getting nowhere in dealing with Qantas; she persisted where many others, including us, would have given up!
It seems Sam has now secured the refund (we are just waiting for the money to appear in our account) for which we are truly grateful. She is indeed an asset to your company.

Julie 2017

Hi Alison
Just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in our last trip to Georgia.
You always show great attention to detail and to our needs.
Your long history and experience in travel and in travelling makes our holidays flow seamlessly.

The ability to think outside of the box and offer great ideas for us means every holiday is a pleasure.
We look forward to your next suggestion for a holiday destination after all we’ve been travelling with you for over 30 years.

Barbara White 2018

Cassandra has helped plan two holidays for me now. She found me a tour of Turkey that suited my travel style and allowed me to attain my dream of hot air ballooning in Cappadocia. Her knowledge, expertise and advice made planning so easy.

The following year, Cass helped a friend and I plan a self guided tour through Scandinavia. While we were away, Cass helped us out at the eleventh hour when we wanted to pick up our hire car a few days early. Despite the time difference, she had us on the road in no time. Her willingness to go above and beyond makes her worth more than her weight in gold. No doubt I’ll call on Cass to plan future travel adventures and would recommend her to everyone!

Carolyn Arnold & Bram Alexander 2018

We have been very impressed with the way Cassandra Newbold has worked with us to arrange our trip to the United States later this year.

Her knowledge, promptness to attend to our requests, willingness to seek out alternatives for flights or hotel bookings is exemplary. Nothing was too much trouble and Cassandra made sure we were always satisfied with the results.

We were particularly impressed with her ability to shop around and get the best possible deal on flights and accommodation – even double checking a particular booking to ensure the discount being offered was correct, resulting in a further benefit in our favour.

Cassandra has a delightful manner and is an absolute pleasure to deal with.

We have no hesitation in recommending Cassandra to look after your travel plans, big or small.